Are you Smarter than SAS – The Analytics Quiz


  • The SAS Analytics Quiz is an annual quiz that seeks to tests out the knowledge of SAS users on SAS, business analytics and information systems management
  • In the quiz that was held recently in June, BACT members Junhe and Jeremy emerged victorious, helping BACT gain greater recognition in the analytics industry, as well as earning themselves an iPad mini each

The Various Stages of the Quiz

  • Round 1 was the preliminary round, whereby 4 adventurous teams from BACT bravely participated in an online quiz, “Are you Smarter than SAS – An Analytics Quiz”
  • Soon later, the results were released, and only Team JJ, consisting of Junhe and Jeremy, made it as one of the top 5 teams to proceed to the second round
  • Round 2 and the final round were to take place “live” on stage on at The Business Intelligence & Analytics Forum 2013, organized by SAS, held at the Compass Ballroom, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Live Competition  – Round 2

  • As Junhe and Jeremy made their way onto the stage, at 2pm on that faithful day, they were faced with a pang of nervousness as they had friends and professors seated in the audience supporting them
  • Team JJ were faced with strong opponents, as many of their opponents were people from the Analytics industry, such as consultants from CitiBank and OCBC
  • Apart from industry people, another team consisted of Graduate students currently pursuing their Masters’ Degree at SMU
  • Unfazed by the overwhelming competition, Junhe and Jeremy utilized the analytics knowledge that they have picked up in school and during the SAS trainings to answer the quiz questions
  • The questions spanned a few categories, ranging from more broad-based questions ranging from Analytics and Information Systems Management, to more specific questions, such as questions related to JMP and High Performance Analytics
  • Competition was intense as Junhe and Jeremy narrowly defeated the SMU team by 10 points in the tie-breaker round to move on to the final round, comprising of only the top 3 teams

Live Competition  – Final Round

  • The final round took on a slightly different format, as teams were able to choose the category of questions they wanted to do, and could also choose more difficult questions that would give a higher number of points to the team
  • The final round was a vicious round as competing teams fought to press the buzzer as quickly as they could to snatch the points from another team that has answered the question wrongly
  • Team JJ fought hard in the final round, strategizing my answering the easier questions in the Information Systems Management category and snatching harder questions that opposing teams answered wrongly (if the opposing team answer wrongly, the probability of getting the question correct increases since there are fewer questions available)

Winning the Competition

  • Through a right mix of strategy and a sufficient level of content, the team managed to emerge victorious in the Analytics Quiz, beating industry experts in the field and even graduate students
  • Both Junhe and Jeremy won and iPad mini each
  • While winning the iPad mini was certainly enjoyable, more importantly, this helped to elevate the status of BACT, allowing not only the student body, but also industry players outside the school to learn more about what BACT does and what it has to offer to the school

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