2016 Project

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Datarama is a risk management platform that provides business intelligence to investors. The problems that BAS identified were the length of time that Analyst spent on extracting menial data and a way to assess reputational risk. Thus, BAS proposed an automated scraping of data using R, a natural language processing prototype, to reduce the amount of time required to extract data.

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The problem that P&G had was the trend analysis of inventory shipments. To help the client, BAS used Tableau to simulate the trend analysis so that the inventory forecast becomes more accurate and time spent on manual monitoring process for inventory is reduced. Not only the projections enhance the efficiency and productivity of Analyst, and generate a more meaningful trend for projections; it saves P&G a stipulated cost of S$2million.

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BAS conducted a survey to find out the preferences of 250 University students’ bike sharing preference. With large sample size, BAS adopted SPSS to analyse the factors and strategies that are significant for Mobike to pursue. With the results that BAS analysed from the survey, BAS proposed Mobike to adopt rewards for marketing campaigns and to form partnerships with F&B partners to boost Mobike’s uptake, especially amongst light and social users.

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BAS has provided survey analytics consultation to the future operations department and further analysis would be conducted with our client.




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