BAS offers walk-in consultations for students taking DSC1007 and DSC2008 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2pm to 7pm*^ at BAS Room, Biz1 #8-2,

The following are our consultants and their availability:

Chelsea and Janalyn: Monday (Odd week), 6pm to 7pm

Siqi and Shaochen: Monday (Even week), 4pm to 5pm

Junseok and Lin Yu: Wednesday (Odd week), 5pm to 6pm

Brenda and Guanqun: Thursday (Even week), 2pm to 3pm

Consultation is based on the first-come-first serve basis, no prior booking is required. All students are welcome to consult us on any course-related queries, or technical issues with SAS AMO and Excel.




*Please check our Facebook page for most updated slots

^Subject to BAS Consultants’ availability