BAS members have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in analytics and sharpen their skills in analytics tool

Every BAS member is given the opportunity to take ownership of projects and to lead teams, be it in organising analytics competitions or working on analytics projects involving real-life data. BAS members are invited to attend industry events, keep abreast with current trends and expand their professional network. BAS receives strong faculty support and the team shares a room on the 8th floor of the Mochtar Riady Building. Above all, BAS members share a common desire to learn, innovate and apply their knowledge and skills, to make a difference in business and the community at large.

Membership Type

1) Core Members

Core members play a crucial role in working alongside the executive committee (EXCO) to grow and manage the club. Each core member will be placed in committees with various roles and responsibilities based on their strengths and interest.

Along with all the benefits of a recreational member,  core members will be given due recognition and given priority when being considered for projects, exclusive internship positions, DSC teaching/research assistant positions, professional certifications & training and EXCO application.

The following are the various roles that are currently open for application :

Click on the respective roles for more details

2) Recreational Members

Recreational membership type will be suitable for students who are keen to be exposed more to business analytics and develop the relevant skills but are unable to commit as a core member. You will be entitled to attend the bi-weekly training sessions and have the opportunity to interact with BAS alumni members. Recreational members who demonstrate commitment, interest and potential can be later considered to be a core member of the BAS.

Our main recruitment drive is at the start of every semester**. To apply, send your CV to Please also include any grades for DSC1007 and DSC2008, and let us know why you would like to join BAS!

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us via our Facebook page or through email. Alternatively, you may contact Richard directly at

**Thank you for your interest in BAS. We have closed our application for AY17/18. Please continue to visit our website for more updates on consultation and recruitment.