In BAS, we support every member’s learning in their own way and own pace. While we have a framework to ensure the learning of our members and their contribution to the learning of the NUS community, members are free to initiate activities they would like to pursue.

  • Consultations:

BAS offers consultation activities to Business undergraduates pursuing the modules DSC1007: Business Analytics and DSC2008: Business Analytics. Members of BAS are scheduled consultation hours, whereby they sit-in in the BAS room located on Biz8-3 of the Motchar Riady Buidling. Students are welcome to walk-in during consultation hours or make a prior appointment with a BAS member for consultation. BAS members typically offer consultations regarding Business Analytics projects and offering help during exams. In line with the school’s policy regarding modules, BAS members are only able to help students on the technical aspects of their projects and are not allowed to answer tutorial questions or offer suggestions for projects.

  • Networking:

In order to ensure that BAS remains relevant and gain as much exposure to the analytics industry as possible, BAS prioritizes holding frequent networking sessions with present industry players. The BAS also holds talks in school where industry experts come down to interact with the business school student body.

  • Workshops:

Under construction. Watch this space!

  • Competitions:

Under construction. Watch this space!